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How do we unmake the multiple machines that steal and use against us the very data made from our bodies, daily lives and connections to other people?

This page contains tools & resources to support organizers with political education about data criminalization and data liberation. We want to learn, think, and experiment with other comrades about these questions and organize our resistance through an abolitionist framework.


Curriculum Workbook - Full PDF

Cover page of Abolish Data Criminalization Curriculum Workbook. A drawing of a file cabinet turned monster fills most of the page.

The Abolish Data Criminalization Curriculum Workbook is an educational tool for organizers committed to learning about and organizing against migrant surveillance and social control. The workbook contains five guided activities with accompanying resources. It operates as a facilitation guide that will engage participants in discussions, personal and collective reflections, study, and more.







The workbook has also been divided into sections for easier viewing and printing. We recommend that you start with the Introduction Section, which contains activity descriptions and suggestions to help you decide which activities are best for your group.

  • Curriculum Introduction & Facilitation Guide

    The introduction section offers information on how to use the curriculum workbook. The workbook contains five guided activities that were designed as stand-alone workshops for people with varying levels of knowledge and experience. They are not meant to be sequential, but their complexity increases as you progress through the workbook. This section includes suggestions to help you decide which activities are best for your group.

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  • Activity 1: The Monster Quiz

    This is a guided activity to accompany the Monster Quiz on our website, which was developed as an educational tool to help organizers understand how the machinery of data criminalization uses and shares information collected through different encounters (with law enforcement, during travel, and during day-to-day life activities–like getting a driver’s license) to use it against people

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  • Activity 4: Unmake the Monster

    This activity draws on theater and science fiction to explore what community defense against systems of data criminalization might look and feel like. Participants will learn about DHS databases and then use theater games to think creatively about how to use strategies of community defense against the criminalizing powers of these databases.

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  • Activity 5: Reclaiming Sanctuary

    This workshop is intended for organizers who are interested in how data criminalization realities shape organizing. As an example, participants will look at the active collaboration between ICE, DHS, and other law enforcement agencies and how it undermines sanctuary policies. This workshop assumes that participants are familiar with the concepts of "Crimmigration," "P.I.C. Abolition," "Interoperability," "Data Criminalization," and "Data Liberation."

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