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Passenger Name Records (PNR)

An airline ticket with cartoonish eyes, hands and feet.

Passenger Name Records (PNR) is data collected by commercial airlines and booking agencies at the point of a ticket purchase that include a traveler’s name, timestamped IP address, credit card number, itinerary, email address, and information about a person’s travel companions.Footnote 1 A PNR number may be called a record locator, booking reference, or reservation code. It is an automatically-generated code with five or six alphanumeric characters. PNR data could contain emergency contact information, records from transportation other than flights, car rental history, organizational affiliations or employer.Footnote 2 It might archive hotel reservations (including number of beds requested), records of meal requests, and free-form notes made by officers at national borders.Footnote 3 Airlines share PNR with DHS, and these data are used by various DHS data systems and prediction tools to seek patterns, predict “risk” and “identify abnormalities in travel patterns.”Footnote 4

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