Our “Bestiary”


A surveillance drone illustrated in a cartoonish style. The drone has 3 large eyes and several small propellers.

FALCON is Homeland Security Investigations’ customized version of Palantir Gotham, a relationship mapping and predictive tool that provides search, analysis, geospatial referencing, reporting and connects multiple datasets. FALCON, like other Palantir tools, maps relationships between people and events, can organize information temporally or geographically, and creates data visualizations linking addresses, people, or organizations, along with geographic and chronological data points.Footnote 1 FALCON makes visible and accessible its targets’ phone numbers, email addresses, residential and work addresses, identification document numbers, Social Security numbers, “criminal associations,” and family relationships. FALCON contains purported gang information collected through both ICM and EID, geospatial data, A-numbers, social security numbers, and conviction records.Footnote 2 FALCON receives records of call transactions and of ICE criminal investigation targets, potential targets, associates of targets, or any individuals or entities who call or receive calls from these individuals.

FALCON’s “sub-components” include a tipline for snitches, and a mobile system that is capable of instantaneously checking against government records, including NCIC, scanned body biometrics like tattoos and irises taken by ICE officers during raids.Footnote 3

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